Support for local businesses
We're doing everything we can to help local businesses of all sizes during this crisis
An image relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19): Strategic Framework Business Fund
Dumfries and Galloway Council is Administering the Scottish Governments Strategic Framework Business Fund. As of the 2 November 2020 Dumfries and Galloway has been placed in TIER 2.
An image relating to Business Restart Hub
As we emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown we are now looking to restart our town centres, to revitalise our local economy, and to promote community confidence by attracting our citizens back to the hubs of our communities, encouraging everyone to shop local, but shop safe.
An image relating to Test and Protect Information for Businesses
As part of the measures designed to minimise further spread of COVID-19, hospitality, leisure and close contact businesses such as hairdressers are being asked to collect customer contact details.
An image relating to Safe trading guidance
On 21 May 2020, Scottish Government published Scotland's route map out of the Coronavirus crisis which describes each phase of easing the lockdown.
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Support for communities
Details of how we're working with communities during the COVID-19 pandemic
An image relating to Community Bulletin
Every Friday we publish a community bulletin which provides an update on COVID-19 related matters, community resilience, community initiatives, community spirit and volunteering activities being undertaken by citizens and communities, as well as a range of public health and council information.
An image relating to Supporting People who are Self-Isolating
Self-isolation can be difficult but it is a powerful tool for controlling the transmission of COVID-19. Help and support is available to you while you are self isolating.
An image relating to Connecting Scotland - Phase 2
The Connecting Scotland Initiative aims to digitally connect people so they can access services and support and connect with friends and family during the pandemic.
An image relating to Emergency Food Helpline
Covid-19 is a difficult time for everyone and during this time the Council and its third sector partners are keen to ensure that people requesting emergency food parcels get the support they need.
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Support for Employment
We're doing everything we can to help support local employment during this crisis.
An image relating to Employment, Skills, News and Jobs
Dumfries & Galloway's local employment partnership website regularly updates local skills and employment news, information, and job opportunities during the Covid 19 crisis.
An image relating to Support to Develop Skills and Find Work
Across Dumfries and Galloway, public, private and third sector partners work in partnership to offer training, upskilling and support with CV's, job applications and interview preparation.
An image relating to Support for Secondary Pupils and School Leavers
The Dumfries and Galloway Youth Guarantee aims to ensure that every young person in Dumfries and Galloway is offered training, education, a job or apprenticeship opportunity.
An image relating to Employment Support for Parents and Carers
Support is available for parents and carers to help address challenges including health, money worries, motivation or childcare that may be making it difficult for you to get in to work or improve your circumstances and options if you are in work.
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Schools and childcare
Information and updates from our Education and Learning teams
An image relating to Face Coverings in Schools - Updated Guidance
On Friday 30 October, the Scottish Government provided updated guidance on reducing the risks from COVID-19 in schools and the childcare sector.
An image relating to Re-opening of schools
Information about the arrangements for the reopening of our schools and early learning settings on 12 August.
An image relating to FAQ's Re-opening of Schools
An initial FAQs has been prepared in response to enquiries received by the Skills, Education and Learning Directorate.
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Service delivery changes
Details of changes to the way we're delivering services at this time.
An image relating to Resuming indoor activities in Community Centres, Village Halls and Town Halls
Our Council is giving support in understanding the latest guidance in relation to resuming indoor activities in Community Centres and Village Halls.
An image relating to Re-opening of Customer Service Centres/Libraries
Our opening days and times may have changed due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Please check your local centre for up-to-date days and times.
An image relating to Update on the Reopening of Leisure Venues
We're reopening our leisure venues from 14 September 2020.
An image relating to Re-opening of schools
Information about the arrangements for the reopening of our schools and early learning settings on 12 August.
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