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Community wellbeing

People in every community will face the challenges of COVID-19 in some way and there are lots of things you can do to make a positive difference at this time.

People pulling together

Find new ways to connect

  • Consider new ways to keep in touch; WhatsApp groups, Facebook or Twitter
  • Can devices be shared with neighbours/family to ensure everyone can be as connected as possible
  • Can trusted friends give neighbours a quick call to have a chat once a day?
  • Consider community leaflets or window messages, particularly from those not digitally enabled

Be active

  • During periods of isolation, our mental health can be impacted so do whatever you can to keep your mind active; read, do crosswords, play board games and catch up on those arts and crafts you never find time to do!
  • You can still go outdoors for short walks or even round your garden, cycling etc as long as you're not displaying any symptoms and respect the most up-to-date guidance on social distancing

Take notice

  • This is an emerging situation and information is changing on a regular basis
  • Keep up to date with the latest medical advice at NHS Inform website
  • It is important to help slow the spread of the virus by taking on board the most up-to-date advice

Keep learning

  • Every day is a learning day so why not use this time to learn something new. You could learn digital skills online, share things with Facebook Live, or offer a 'remote service or activity'?


  • ...your time, your words, your online presence - let people know you are there!
  • Check local Facebook groups to see what support may be required and what you can offer People will need basic shopping picked up, prescriptions collected, a newspaper delivered - respect social distancing for those in isolation.
  • Keep the authorities informed - we rely on the community to be our eyes and ears!

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