Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) update

SQA have published an update on how teachers will be asked to provide evidence-based judgements to help inform certification this year.

Teachers and lecturers at schools and colleges across the country are being asked to use their professional judgement, evidence and knowledge of individual pupil's work, to make an estimate of their predicted grade and band. This will be based on demonstrated and inferred attainment of the required skills, knowledge and understanding in each national course.

Part of what teachers do already is to gather ongoing evidence throughout the year for completing courses for qualifications. This includes completing coursework, assignments and folios. This is what teachers will use to inform the evidence-based judgements as requested by the SQA.

Staff in our schools have been working directly with young people to support the completion of course work over the past few weeks. There is no need for any further assessment work (such as prelims) to be completed as schools will have sufficient evidence to base these judgements on. This will include evidence for courses where coursework has already been submitted to SQA for marking.

Where your child is studying for courses which are already internally assessed - National 2, 3 and 4 schools will be asked to provide the SQA with unit results for these courses based on either existing evidence from assessments that has already been completed, and/or by using their professional judgement of your child's work through the year. For those studying for National Certificates, National Progression Awards, Skills for Work courses, and Awards, schools and colleges will be asked to provide the results of their internal assessment decisions, where some evidence from the course already exists but further progress is not possible, and/or using their professional judgement of their work through the year.

Please be assured that fair and robust quality assurance procedures will be put in place to support the process of providing estimated grades both in school and across the local authority as well as by the SQA.

We will continue to work with SQA to ensure the hard work of our young people is properly recognised and accredited fairly.

Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland centres are closed but advisers are still available to support individuals throughout their career journey, from school, into further learning opportunities and employment.

Young people and parents (particularly those in senior phase) can contact Skills Development Scotland via phone or email for advice and guidance at this time.

Use the local centre contact details to get in touch with them:



Telephone: 01776 889793

Telephone: 01387 272500