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Dog walking guidance

The Scottish Government have issued guidance on dog walking during COVID-19.

 It is acceptable that dogs may need to be taken out more than once a day (if they do not have access to a garden or other area to toilet) or once a day for exercise as long as social distancing is adhered to in all situations,  please bear in mind however this is also a busy time for all our farmers.

With lambing and spring calving underway, it is important that when you are walking your dog or out for your daily exercise, you should be mindful of the requirements when using farmland;

  • If you open a gate, close it. 
  • Always walk your dog on the lead when around livestock. 
  • Where possible, do not walk through fields with livestock.
  • Cows with calves can be dangerous.
  • If lambs look lost or alone, leave them alone, mum will be nearby.
  • If livestock are straying, phone the farmer.

These guidelines are for the welfare of farm animals.

Please consider these points while out and about, if you have need further guidance please contact the Council's Animal Health and Welfare Officer at