Financial help for groups, organisations and charities

Funding information to help groups financially during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Youth Scotland Action Fund

Micro Grants of up to £5000 for Volunteer run constituted youth groups who:

  • Are based in, and working in local communities within Scotland
  • Are universal access for all young people aged between 8 to 25 years' old
  • Will continue to provide support for young people (within government and NHS guidelines) throughout this period of social distancing
  • Plan to spend the grant within 6 weeks of receiving it
  • Are applying for up to £500. No match funding is required
  • Have an annual turnover less than £200,000
  • Can provide a bank statement in the name of their youth group into which the funds can be paid

Apply online


Third Sector Resilience Fund

The Third Sector Resilience Fund (TSRF) is a £20m emergency fund for charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations working in Scotland (funded by Firstport, Social Investment Scotland and the Corra Foundation). The fund supports organisations that already deliver services and products but find themselves in financial difficulties directly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The primary intention of the fund is to help third sector organisations to stabilise and manage cash flows over this difficult period.

The Fund is delivered by Firstport, Social Investment Scotland and the Corra Foundation and provides grants up to £100,000. In addition there is up to a further £5m available in fully flexible, 0% interest loans starting at £50,000.

The fund will be complemented by specialist business advice from Just Enterprise to help grant recipients maximise the impact of the financial support.

To be eligible, interested organisations must be:

  • A charity, social enterprise or voluntary organisation based in Scotland and/or primarily delivering services/activities in Scottish communities
  • Already delivering those products or services prior to March 2020; and needing funding to stabilise cashflows directly as a result of the impact of COVID-19, as opposed to pre-existing financial difficulties

The fund aims to help as many organisations as possible, however, priority is given to those at risk and that need immediate help.


National Lottery Awards for All

(relaxed criteria for projects directly addressing impacts of COVID-19)

If you need funding to help you respond to COVID-19, Awards for All will consider an application from you even if you already have a National Lottery Awards for All grant for something else (or have had a grant in the last 12 months).

Awards for All may also try to get you a decision on your application more quickly than normal.

You can apply if your organisation is a:

  • Voluntary or community organisation
  • Registered charity
  • Constituted group or club
  • Not-for-profit company or Community Interest Company
  • School (as long as your project benefits and involves the communities around the school)
  • Statutory body (including town, parish and community council).
  • If you're a smaller organisation
  • We're keen to fund smaller organisations too. So we'll look at your income when we're making a decision.

Who we can't accept applications from:

  • Individuals
  • Sole traders
  • Companies that can pay profits to directors, shareholders or members (including Companies Limited by Shares)
  • Organisations based outside the UK
  • Organisations that have already sent a National Lottery Awards for All application and are waiting for a decision
  • Organisations that currently have National Lottery Awards for All funding - we can only fund your organisation for a maximum of £10,000 within a 12 month period. And you can only hold one grant, for each different country in the UK, at a time. If you want to apply for a new grant - you'll need to wait until your last grant with us is coming to an end
  • Organisations that don't have at least two people on their board or committee who aren't married, in a long-term relationship, living together at the same address, or related by blood
  • One organisation applying on behalf of another. Be careful of businesses or consultants who say they can support you with your funding applications. They might even say they're acting on the Fund's behalf, or they're a preferred supplier of the Fund. They could even offer to write an application for you. We wouldn't accept applications from these types of businesses or consultants. But you can get support and advice on writing your application from your local CVS (your local council for voluntary services).

Apply online at


Charities Aid Foundation - Corovirus Emergency Fund

This Fund is to help smaller charitable organisations in the UK affected by the impact of Covid-19. Grants of up to £10,000 are available. This is intended as a rapid response fund, and we aim to make payments to selected organisations within 14 days of application.

We anticipate high numbers of applicants and unfortunately it is likely that we will not be able to offer a grant to all eligible applicants.

You can apply if your organisation has a charitable purpose and conducts charitable activities, which had income of £1million or less in their last financial year.

This includes:

  • UK registered charities (registered with Charity Commission, Scottish Charity Regulator or Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, or as shown in the Charities Act 2010)
  • Organisations registered with Companies House or the Public Mutuals Register, as a charitable or not-for-profit entity, eg Community Interest Companies, Companies Limited by Guarantee and others
  • Unregistered entities and social enterprises.

You can apply for unrestricted funding for core costs, staffing, volunteer costs, supplies and equipment, communications or other critical charitable areas. You must be able to describe how an emergency grant will improve the situation for your organisation and community.


Community Response, Recovery & Resilience Fund (Foundation Scotland) 

The RRR Fund will support local charities and grassroots organisations across Scotland to help them respond to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and recover from its impact.

Organisations can apply for grants between £1,000 and £5,000. The fund's primary focus is providing immediate funding support to constituted community groups and registered charities responding to the coronavirus pandemic by providing the following:

  • Support for the ongoing needs of vulnerable people to ensure their health and wellbeing is maintained
  • Support to groups and activities supporting vulnerable people self-isolating (the elderly, people with pre-existing medical conditions etc.)
  • Support for foodbanks and organisations working to combat hardship caused by the pandemic including child hunger
  • Support to aid community response coordination
  • Support for volunteer costs for new and existing organisations
  • Additional costs of working remotely and adapting services delivered in the wider community additional financial support as required for organisations providing emotional support, mental health and bereavement support

You can apply if:

  • You are a constituted group, with a governing document
  • Have a bank account must be set up in the name of the group
  • There must be at least 3 unrelated members on your management committee
  • There must be at least 2 unrelated cheque signatories
  • Committee meetings must have a quorum of at least 3 unrelated members present

The fund will not support:

  • Individuals
  • Private organisations operated as a business to make profit
  • Statutory organisations
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before we have made a decision on funding (retrospective funding)
  • General fundraising appeals or activities
  • Projects which are for the advancement of religion or politics (however, we can accept applications from faith groups where there is clear benefit for the wider community irrespective of religious beliefs)
  • Projects which do not benefit people in Scotland
  • Projects aimed exclusively at animal, wildlife and conservation related charities or project

Apply online at


Heritage Emergency Fund

The £50m fund will be available for grants of between £3,000 and £50,000. It is available to organisations across the full breadth of heritage, including historic sites, industrial and maritime heritage, museums, libraries and archives, parks and gardens, landscapes and nature.

Organisations which have received funding in the past and are either a current grantee, or still under contract following a previous grant, can apply. Priority will be given where: there is limited or no access to other sources of support; where heritage is most at risk; and where an organisation is at risk of severe financial crisis due to COVID-19


Creative Scotland Bridging Bursary Fund

This fund is to support freelance artists and freelance creative practitioners working in the not-for-profit sector in Scotland who are experiencing immediate financial difficulty due to the loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This fund offers a one-off bursary that will provide a financial bridge for those people in Scotland who are most deeply impacted and disadvantaged by the cancellation of work as a result of the emergency situation.

The Creative Scotland and Screen Scotland Bridging Bursaries aim to support and prioritise those most in need at this time, particularly those who are least likely to benefit from the recently announced Job Retention Scheme and Self Employment Income Support scheme.

This is a fund for those individual artists and freelancers who have lost income from their creative work and/or practice due to COVID-19. You can seek between £500 and £2500 to help support your immediate needs. The overall budget for this fund is £2m and awards are non-competitive, and we've created a quick, simple process for applicants.

We're aiming to turnaround applications and have the money in your account within 4 weeks of receiving your form.


Persimmon Building Futures Scheme

Persimmon's Charitable Foundation has this week committed to relaunching its Building Futures scheme for 2020. As part of its sponsorship of Team GB, Persimmon will donate more than £1 million to local groups that support children in sport, health and education.


Persimmon Community Champions initiative

Persimmon's Community Champions initiative has run since 2015 and gives away £64,000 every month in single donations up to the value of £1,000. So far over £3.5 million has been donated in the UK. Persimmon has decided that from April 2020 all funding will go directly to groups supporting the over 70s.