Grounds Maintenance update

During COVID-19 our Streetscene Teams across the region have been concentrating staff resources on vital services, with an emphasis on maintaining cemeteries; burials; emptying litter bins and supporting waste collection teams.

It has now been decided that activities will be expanded to include the maintenance of large areas of open space i.e. football pitches, parks and playing fields and weed spraying in towns. These areas will be maintained using ride on mowers and social distancing measures will be in place.

Maintaining these areas will enable the public to use them during the pandemic for exercise purposes and having large open areas to exercise in will assist the public to adhere to social distancing measures.  Please note though that children's play equipment sites remain closed at this time. Please do not allow your children to use them.

It will be important at the end of the pandemic for our areas to be returned to normal as quickly as possible to aid the economic recovery and to make the area welcoming for visitors.  Maintaining larger areas now will make this a more efficient process, whilst cutting the likes of sports pitches now will mean that sports can take place on our pitches when Government guidelines allow in the upcoming months.  Without this maintenance, there's a risk that the surfaces will become damaged and will be unplayable post Covid-19.

Please be aware that it will take us longer than normal to complete a cutting rotation due to our staff having to maintain social distancing in undertaking operations and in continuing to deliver critical services and there will be longer gaps between each visit.