Re-opening of schools

Information about the arrangements for reopening of our schools and early learning settings in August.

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The new term for pupils will start on Wednesday 12 August 2020.

Keeping people safe in our schools

It is expected that social distancing will have to continue over the next few months. This means that some changes will need to be made to how learning is provided in our schools.

What the weeks will look like

Secondary schools

Secondary pupils will be divided into two groups with alternate school days

Secondary pupils will be divided into two groups with alternate school days. This will mean that pupils are in school for face to face lessons for 50% of the time and 50% of the time they will be required to engage in home learning.

This will provide S1 to S3 pupils with access to both the full curriculum of subjects and their usual classes and, in terms of senior phase options, qualifications and college courses.

Primary schools

Primary schools will divide pupils into two groups with pupils attending school for two days and participating in home learning for two days

Our primary schools will also divide pupils into two groups. All pupils will be expected to attend school for two days and participate in home learning for two days each week. Primary pupils will also have a flexible learning day where the school will make every effort to provide activities and digital group work to be carried out at home or at another location.


In this rural region, around a quarter of pupils are eligible for school transport. Buses will only be able to take a smaller number of passengers now because of social distancing and so we know that we will not always be able to transport pupils to and from school.

Emergency Childcare

We will continue to provide emergency childcare once we begin the new academic year from 12 August. This will only be available to families where both parents are key workers, or for single parent households where the parent is a key worker as part of the COVID response. Parents will have to apply for this. Information on how to do this will be made available as soon as possible.