Re-opening of Early Learning and Childcare

Information about the arrangements for the restart of Early Learning and Childcare.

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Supporting parents

Our Council is committed to supporting parents and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring all our regions children have the best start in life and our Early Learning and Childcare services are a key part of this.

On Monday, 15 June, Scottish Government published guidance for Early Learning and Childcare Services which states what should be done to prepare for children's safe return to Early Learning and Childcare services.

The guidance states we will have to change how Early Learning and Childcare is provided, and that social distancing will remain in the coming months.

Changes to Services

The way that services will operate will not be the same in every setting due to the variety of different buildings and outdoor spaces that our nurseries and childcare settings operate out of.

Services will need time to take account of the guidance and put plans in place and we ask for your patience as we develop these plans.  This may mean that services may not be able to offer you all of the hours that you have requested from August. You will receive information on what this means for your child as soon as possible.

The 1140 Hours Programme

Scottish Government have paused the nursery expansion programme for 1140 hours. This means it is no longer a legal requirement for those hours to be delivered, however, our Council is committed to offering families as many hours as possible during the recovery period as part of our commitment to giving our region's children the best start in life.