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Poem by a Keyworker

During lockdown a leaving care worker wrote a poem about how her role changed.

The Year 2020 is one we will never forget,

In this Year, the lives of many changed so fast,

When Coronavirus became a threat,

Causing chaos, upset and upheaval that is set to last.


Normal life as we know it is no more,

With "lockdown", working from home, and isolation from family and friends,

All put in place to keep us safe during this war,

For every day the virus is destroying so many lives,

But we must keep on going in order to survive.


My role as a Leaving Care Worker has somewhat changed and grown,

Becoming a listening ear, a confidante, a voice of reason,

To those who are struggling, many of whom are on their own,

Who only have me to depend on when stuck at home.


With people reaching out for help and support,

Hoping that I can fix, mend and sort,

The difficulties and challenges they face,

To which, one day, they will hopefully come to embrace.


Because during this time, they are building a resilience,

With my help and support and my ability to listen,

To understand their struggles and how they are feeling,

We are all in this together and have our own ways of healing.


It is important to be kind, caring and consistent,

Because one day the memory of Coronavirus will be distant,

But people will never forget those who were there,

Who showed compassion, empathy and showed that they care.