Resuming indoor activities in Community Centres, Village Halls and Town Halls

Our Council is giving support in understanding the latest guidance in relation to resuming indoor activities in Community Centres and Village Halls.

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The information below is the latest position as of 24 September 2020 and helps provide clarity on the current guidance available.


Our Community Assets Teams are happy to support any management committee in restarting their services and you can contact your local Community Assets office for further support and guidance:

Or call 030 3333 3000 and ask to speak with your local Community Assets Officer

Scottish Government Route Map, Phase 3 update 22 Sept 2020:

As of 24 September 2020, the specific guidance for Community Centres and Village Halls has not been issued by Scottish Government.

However, prior to any activity taking place at a venue, it is the responsibility of the hall operator to undertake a documented risk assessment, based on their local circumstances. Consider safety first, particularly focusing on minimising the risk of infection/transmission. Appropriate measures must be put in place to ensure participants, staff and volunteers are always protected.

National organisations including SportScotland have issued guidance to help operators plan and prepare for the opening of indoor sports halls, which are defined as gymnasiums, activity halls, bowls halls, dance fitness, yoga and combat studios, and other similar areas.

More at:

SCVO are working with partners in the sector to ensure relevant guidelines and advice are made available as soon as is practical but would urge groups to wait until it is available. There is also a recent Q&A information video featuring Professor Jason Leitch, Scotland's Clinical Director.

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Three key things we would advise groups to consider in the meantime are:

  • As compliance with the national guidelines is a condition of reopening, we strongly recommend hall owners / operators / groups to wait until the appropriate guidance is published by the Scottish Government.
  • Not all halls will be opening right away - groups who do not own their meeting place should check with the hall owner / operator.
  • Most insurers have stated that groups will not be covered unless they comply with the national guidance being issued.

Good first steps will be to work through the guidance, risk assess specific to your group's situation/location and communicate with volunteers and facility users on future plans.

Scottish Government are working with third sector partners to ensure that the relevant national guidelines are put in place as soon as is practical and we will update third sector partners as soon as the guidance is updated.

Legislation came into force on 14 September which stated that people cannot take part in gatherings of more than six people from two households unless for the following reasons:

  • Work, or providing voluntary or charitable activities
  • Childcare, education or training
  • Attending a place of worship
  • Facilitating a house move
  • Outdoor organised activities for under 18's
  • Organised exercise
  • In relation to a funeral, marriage or civil partnership

Organised activities for children and young people

Various indoor activities and services for children and young people under 18, such as Brownies, or baby and toddler groups, from providers that are unregulated, may resume when guidance relevant to the specific activity is published.

See also Guidance on Resuming Indoor Youth Work (non-regulated work)

Youth Work activities for aged 12-25 is included within the Education exemption of up to two households so community centres can restart their indoor youth work for up to 30 young people/staff from any number of households.

For up-to-date information and guidance, regularly check the Scottish Government guidance
pages at:

Download and encourage others to use the new Test and Protect App available on the
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The purpose of this webpage is to assist hall operators/users and is provided as a guidance only as of 24 September 2020. This does not amount to legal advice. It is the responsibility of the person organising the activity/activities to ensure that they follow current Scottish Government guidance and legislation in relation to COVID-19 and that any restrictions imposed by the government are followed. Hall operators/users may wish to seek their own legal advice to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.