Enjoy Fireworks Safely During COVID-19

In these difficult times it's hard to think we are almost at November the 5th once again. It's also likely this year that more people than ever will buy fireworks for their own use in the absence of organised displays due to COVID.

Trading Standards Officers within the Council's Community Safety section will be carrying out visits to licensed retailers to ensure fireworks are legal and safe for your use. However, you too can do your part by:

  • Ensuring you only buy safe fireworks from a legitimately licensed retailer
  • Making sure that the fireworks are labelled with a CE mark which indicates compliance with appropriate safety standards and that they are either F2 or F3 category for ordinary consumer use. The former British Standard (BS) is no longer acceptable.
  • Reading and following all safety instructions for safe use and in particular following the safety distances when setting off your fireworks
  • Never discharging fireworks in a public place

In a year when we can all do with some extra cheering up let's make sure our fireworks night is fun and as safe as possible by following the firework code.