Top Tips for Parents

Read our top tips for homeschooling during the COVID-19 crisis.


1) Support your child's reading 

a) Focus on quality rather than quantity of reading

b) Ask your child questions about their reading and ask them to make predictions as to where the story will go next

c) Ask your child to summarise, either in writing or verbally, their reading

d) Try to maintain the motivation to read - this may be aided by demonstrating your own reading


2) Support your child's maths development

a) Consider how everyday tasks can be an opportunity for your child to use their numeracy skills

b) Consider using the wide range of online maths support resources that are available - a list can be found at:


3) Try to maintain a daily routine  

a) Maintain sleeping habits (bed/waking times)

b) Encourage daily exercise

c) Plan reading periods

d) Plan socialising time

e) Plan time to discuss what your child has learnt each day


4) Create a positive home learning environment  

a) Provide time and space for your child's homeworking

b) Show an interest in your child's work and encourage them


5) Be realistic and manage expectations  

a) Your home is not a school and you cannot be expected to deliver a perfect curriculum

b) Do not expect every hour of the day to be filled with learning